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Build Your Own Digital Real Estate with These Tips!

August 25, 2020

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Hi everyone!
I noticed that we have a thread going for our social media accounts. While it’s great for us all to connect and bond with each other on social, we don’t own our social media accounts or the data that we post on there. Please remember to create and curate your content on platforms that you and your business own. One day, Instagram, or Pinterest or Youtube may vanish… and there goes your connections, content and more.
Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that you’re building up your own digital real estate:
🌟 Convert your long form Instagram captions into blog posts on your website
🌟 Create a website on a platform that you own (*cough*, WordPress)
🌟 Remember to backup your photos, graphics and videos from social media onto an external hard drive
🌟Periodically, invite your followers and friends on social media to join your email list
🌟 For those who you interact with on a daily basis via social media, exchange phone numbers or emails with them, so that you don’t lose that connection
🌟 Routinely back up your email contacts in your email marketing program to your hard drive
🌟 Backup your website and store it on an external hard drive… if you can
Remember, while social media is a great tool to build, brand and network, some of the best connections you can make are the ones made IRL.
I hope this helps ❤

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