Struggling with Social media You're in the Right Place!

During our quick call, I'll tell you what you're doing right - or wrong - with your Instagram or Facebook account. It'll be short, sweet and straight to the point because you've got no time to waste out here on these streets!
What is a Social Media Audit?

What is a social media Audit?

A social media audit helps you see areas where your social media can improve upon across the board. From your hashtags to your content, captions to ads, we’ll tackle key areas that I see entrepreneurs miss. Get the clarity and answers to your social media questions as you’re building out your brand on social media.



They say having a “cohesive” feed is dead… I beg to differ. See how your page stacks up with your competitors. Get some tips as to how you can improve the way your branding comes across in your posts.


Let’s look at your Hashtag Research Worksheet and see if you’re going in the right direction… or off a cliff! For Instagram, hashtags are a free way to get discovered, so we need to use them well!


The words that you say are just as important as the content that you’re posting. We’ll go over your past captions, create ideas for new ones, and ensure that what you’re telling the people lines up with your brand!