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SEO Made Easy: How to Get Started with Onsite SEO

Search engine optimization can be such a daunting task. We all know that we *should* start using it on our websites, blogs and Youtube videos (yes, yes you should), but typically have no idea how to get started.

This is where SEO Made Easy comes in.

In this comprehensive course, we go on a journey learning about the different types of SEO and how to apply my proven Onsite SEO Checklist to help you carve out a solid foundation for your SEO journey. For the business owner, I show you how to take control of your SEO in-house, and show you what to look for when you’re ready to let go of the reins and hire a SEO professional. For my web designers, programmers and virtual assistants, I’ve also included in-depth, behind-the-scenes walkthroughs showing you how you can apply and implement my Onsite SEO Checklist to start bringing your clients tangible results with their rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing!.

With this course, you are provided with the practical knowledge that will guide you on how to get started with onsite SEO. Truly, this course is SEO Made Easy. Enjoy!

P.S – I’d love it if you could share posts on social media as you’re going through the course! Use the hashtag #seoiseasy or #seomadeeasy and tag myself @christinagwira on any social media platform! We’re in this together!